Above, you can see the final option that met all the client's needs.
Below, you can view the presentation on the packaging options provided by GREGER.
Preparing package design for printing in a printing house involves several crucial steps to ensure a high-quality final product. First, ensure your design is in the correct color mode, typically CMYK, as this is the standard for print. Use high-resolution images (at least 300 DPI) to prevent any pixelation. Include proper bleed margins, usually 3-5mm, to account for any cutting errors. Convert all text to outlines to avoid font issues and save your file in a print-ready format, such as PDF or AI. It's also essential to check for any spelling or design errors before submission.
We designed a fun and vibrant popcorn box package for a kids' birthday party, themed around Star Wars and space adventures. The box features iconic Star Wars characters, spaceships, and galaxy backgrounds, all crafted in bright, eye-catching colors. With high-quality illustrations and a sturdy, easy-to-hold design, the popcorn boxes not only add to the party's festive atmosphere but also provide a memorable keepsake for the children. This package design perfectly blends excitement and practicality, making it a hit among the young guests and their parents.

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