For the past seven years, we’ve proudly partnered with Pafos FC, one of Cyprus's top soccer clubs, to create outstanding sports kits for players, staff, and fans. Our designs feature high-quality silkscreen printed logos, including club and sponsor logos, ensuring durability and vibrant colors. We also incorporate multi-color jacquard logos for a professional touch. This long-term collaboration highlights our commitment to delivering top-notch, custom sportswear that truly represents the spirit of Pafos FC.
For our clients' convenience, we provide approximate production and delivery times. We require about 2-3 business days to produce 1,000-2,000 silkscreen logos. Once production is complete, delivery typically takes 2-4 business days to reach any country. Pricing is subject to discussion, as it depends on two main factors: the size of the logo and the number of colors used
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GREGER offers high-quality silkscreen logos produced on transfer tape, perfect for sports uniforms. Our silkscreen logos can be created at GREGER, shipped to your location, and easily applied to sports uniforms anywhere in the world. 
We also provide durable and long-lasting jacquard logos with a layer of glue for added strength.
These solutions ensure your team looks professional and unified, no matter where you are.
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Silkscreen technology can be used to produce various elements for sports uniforms. Here is a list of items that can be created using this method:
Team Logos
Sponsor Logos
Player Names
Player Numbers
Club Badges
Championship Badges
Event Logos
Custom Artwork
Training Wear Graphics
Warm-Up Gear Logos
Fan Merchandise Graphics
Coaching Staff Uniform Graphics
Sleeve Patches
Back of Jersey Prints
Side Panel Graphics
Collar Graphics
Short Logos
Sock Logos
Goalkeeper Kit Graphics
Tournament Logos
Promotional T-Shirts
Cap Graphics
Sports Bags Graphics
Scarf Logos
Headband Graphics
Silkscreen technology offers versatility and durability, making it an ideal choice for producing high-quality, long-lasting designs for sports uniforms and related merchandise.


Silkscreen printing, also known as screen printing, is a popular technique used for customizing sports uniforms. It involves creating a stencil (or screen) and using it to apply layers of ink on the fabric. Here’s a detailed look at how it works and why it’s a great choice for sports uniforms:
How Silkscreen Printing Works:

Creating the Screen:
A mesh screen is coated with a light-sensitive emulsion. The design is transferred onto the screen through exposure to light, hardening the emulsion except where the design is.
Setting Up:
The screen is placed over the fabric of the sports uniform. Ink is poured onto the screen and spread evenly with a squeegee.
Printing Process:
The ink passes through the mesh only where the design has been etched. Multiple screens can be used for multi-colored designs, with each color applied separately.
The printed uniforms are then dried or cured to set the ink, making the design durable and resistant to washing and wear.
Benefits of Silkscreen Printing for Sports Uniforms:

The ink used in silkscreen printing is thick and bonds well with the fabric, ensuring that the design can withstand frequent washing and the rigors of athletic activity.
Vibrant Colors:
Silkscreen printing allows for the use of bold and vibrant colors, which are essential for making team logos and numbers stand out.
Cost-Effective for Large Orders:
Once the screen is created, it's easy to print multiple uniforms, making it cost-effective for large teams or bulk orders.
It works well on various fabrics used in sports uniforms, such as polyester, cotton, and blends, providing a wide range of options for team apparel.
Teams can have unique designs, including intricate logos, player names, and numbers, giving each uniform a personalized touch.
Silkscreen printing remains a go-to method for customizing sports uniforms because of its robustness, vibrant color options, and cost-effectiveness for bulk orders. Whether for a professional team or a local club, silkscreen printing ensures that sports uniforms are both functional and visually appealing.


Jacquard logos are a premium solution for sports uniforms, offering unparalleled durability and a professional finish. Unlike traditional printed logos, jacquard logos are woven directly into the fabric, ensuring they withstand the rigors of athletic wear and maintain their appearance over time. With a layer of glue for added adherence, these logos are ideal for creating long-lasting, high-quality sports apparel that showcases your team's brand with distinction.
Jacquard logos are produced by weaving intricate designs into a separate piece of fabric, resulting in high-quality, durable emblems. Once the weaving process is complete, a layer of heat-activated glue is applied to the back side of each logo. These finished logos can then be shipped to clients worldwide. With the use of a heat press, the glue ensures a secure and durable attachment to sports uniforms, making the application process straightforward and reliable. This method allows for easy distribution and on-demand application, offering a flexible solution for sports teams and apparel manufacturers.
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